How do I record automation on multiple tracks at once?

I have a bunch of clips, and some of the tracks are running through the NI Finger, other tracks I want to turn delay on and off. I am launching clips with a Launchpad, and have 8 knobs on an M-Audio Ozone, 4 set to control changes on one track's effects, 4 set for adjusting sends to a master delay, and a couple of keyboard keys set to mute tracks.

I know how to use the MIDI and Key learn functions, but then when I go to record, the only thing that gets recorded into the Arrangement are my clip launches --- none of my really awesome knob-turning doesn't.  Is there a way to set up Ableton so that the automation gets recorded as well?

I really don't want to have to lay down the clips, and then individually write in automation for each track, or go back and record the automation for each individual automation.  I want to be able to hit the record button, and after I am done jamming out, have the entire song recorded the way I just played it, and then go back through and tweak the automation afterwards.



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    Do this in the arrangement window for now- then consolidate your work and drag it back to session view.

    From what we can see in the demo video -Live 9 will allow you to record automation easier in session view.

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