How do I reactivate automation?

I've automated the volume fader then moved it. The little automation dot is no longer red and the automation is no longer active.

How do I get the fader to ignore changes and go back to following the automation?


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  • Angstrom
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    You need to press the "back to arrangement" button, it's at the top of the screen near the main play and record buttons and it looks like three bars with a little arrow pointing to them.

    The back to arrangement button illuminates to indicate when you have played some clips in Session, or turned some dials which had automation recorded for them. Altering controls which have automation will temporarilly de-activate their automation. 

    To re-activate the automation press the "back to arrangement" button

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  • 2dicaabl Ableton staff
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    The "Back to Arrangement" button should be grey, not red.



    1.  Look at the top of your Ableton screen. 
    2.  Starting at the main Play button, count 4 squares to the right (the one just after the OVR). It's symbol is a stack of 3 lines plus an arrow. 
    3. If this button is red, then click it and it will turn grey and your automation should work again.


    THAT WORKED? Here's why:

    This button is the Back To Arrangement button. It has 2 states, Red or Grey. 

    • GREY: Indicates the arrangement will play as intended, including any automation.
    • RED: Indicates you have either deliberately or accidentally over-ridden some aspect of the arrangement. 

    Red does not mean "bad" - in fact, having the option to temporarily over-ride the arrangement is a very useful feature. Red is simply a visual cue that the arrangement will not play back as you expect it.

    Things that can over-ride an arrangement and cause the button to turn red include stopping clips or triggering clips / altering the position of an automated parameter / accidentally bumping a controller connected to an automated parameter.



    If the back-to-arrangement button was already Grey, then check 2 things:

    1. The automation data you were expecting is still a part of the arrangement, and wasn't accidentally deleted. Tip: For a single parameter, the easiest way to view this to right-click on the parameter and select "Show Automation In New Lane"
    2. That the automation you were expecting was on the correct track, and on the correct lane. Tip: to see all automation lanes on a track at once, right-click and select "Add Lane For Each Automated Envelope"
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  • Dirty Data
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    This does activate the modulation, but it will turn off whatever you have in the sessions view...and if you turn it on, the modulation will turn back off. 

    Can someone please tell me how to be able to have the track playing and the automation still in effect as well? 

    Thanks you 

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  • DemonWithAHalo
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    The back to arrangement button will allow this, but the track you are playing will be from the arrangement, not the session.

    If you want to have "automation" (will explain the quotes in a sec) while playing clips from the session view, you have to edit the envelopes in the clips that are loaded into the session view.

    These envelopes will change parameters associated with that particular clip.

    It is like automation for the session view and you have to do it on a clip by clip basis. Also, the envelopes follow the clip when you copy it to a new slot.

    Hope this answered your question.

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  • steven
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    sorry but I haven't got the point.

    I recorded a sequence of clips to the arrangement view.

    Then wanna play and let the automation I've recorded be played. But the automation turns off when it has to affect the sound (it's a send in this case).

    And there's no way to let the arrow on top of the screen grey.

    What am I missing?



    3 years ago | 4 comments
  • rippertony
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    Same here on live 9.5
    Funny fact if you record the automation then remove the virtual link to the midi controller, then the automation made play perfectly.

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  • Scott Love
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    My issue is once I've done something that makes the "Re-Enable Automation" button turn red, it becomes red every time I open that project, and I have to click it again every time I open it in order to get all automations to play as I entered them. Obviously doesn't take long but it's kind of a bother and I wish I knew how to get that to stay off.

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