How do I map the X/Y pad on my Korg NanoPad2?

I have a Korg NanoPad2 and I cannot figure out how to properly use the X/Y pad in Live 9. It just acts like one of the trigger pads. 
What do I do? I can't find the proper downloads anywhere either. 


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  • Transcultur
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    Hi there . 

    I dont know the controller specifically but had this issue before with xy pads.

    If your controller doesnt allow you to mute some of its inputs , whats happening most probably is that the two signals are fighting to be the one mapped to the parameter you choose in midi map mode.

    Since the pad recieve at same time x & y , you could try to scroll your finger on the very corner of the pad in all the Y axis and seeing if you can get rid of the X position data. If not use a manual cc maper like this one ( requires m4l)

    10 months ago | 0 comments

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