How do I improve the chances of having my question answered?

What can I do to my question to make sure that other users respond to it? How can I get others to pay attention to my question?


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    The best way to get others to answer your question is to write a good question that other users can follow and understand. Here are a few guidelines for this:


    Be as specific as possible

    You’re more likely to get the answer that you’re looking for by asking a good question. The best way to do this is to be as specific as possible. 

    Answers is a place to ask and answer questions and contribute to a collective knowledge base. It is not the ideal place for questions which are purely a matter of opinion. For example, “Does Operator sound good?” is a bad question for Answers (and better suited for the forum), while “How do I make a pad sound in Operator?” is a good question for Answers. Consider the responses that your question is likely to elicit, and whether these responses will help you. Additionally, when answering a question, consider whether your answer only serves to publish your opinion, or to assist other users.


    Ask a question that other users can answer

    Answers lets you ask questions and get answers from other users. If you’re experiencing crashes, or issues that you suspect are bugs, or any other issues for which you’d like to contact Ableton technical support, then please do so directly. While Answers is moderated, we cannot commit to offering individual technical support here. Please call or email support and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Provide context for your question

    Keep in mind the context of your question, and what another user would need to know to help you out. If your question is about a specific plugin, for example, make sure to include which version you’re using, whether it’s a VST or Audio Unit, and anything else that might help other users to reproduce or better understand your situation.

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