How do I hear the metronome through my headphones, while the audience doesn't?

I'm using Live 9 Lite and a M-Audio MobilePre, which has 2 line outputs and a headphone output.  After reading, "Is it possible in Live 3 and later versions to send the metronome (or a separate track with a click track) to a different output on a sound card?", I set the Master Out to 1 and the Cue Out to 2.  It worked, except for the fact that I can, only, hear the metronome in one ear.


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    Hi there, 

    In order to hear the metronome through a seperate output, you can either send the master track in Live to output 1 and the cue out to output 2 ( with the down side that both signals will be mono ), or with some interfaces you can assign the headphone output to another physical output of your interface, like 3/4. 

    If this is the possible with your interface, this would be explained in the reference manual of your device. 



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    With enough hardware there are many possibilities but in its most basic form you can make up a click sound with operator, use Velocity to make the accent louder, Record / Capture this (metronome) into a track that is routed to your headphone amp. Copy and paste the clip into the pieces you wish to use it with and you should be on your way



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