How do I get my sustain pedal to work in Ableton?

I'm trying to use my old Roland PianoPlus 450 (electronic piano) as a midi controller in Ableton. Everything seems to work perfectly except for the sustain pedal. Ableton seems to recognize the midi events (CC 64) when I press down on the pedal and release it, but what I'm playing doesn't actually get sustained. Any ideas?

I'm running Ableton Live 8.2.6 on Mac OS X Lion.


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    Alright, so I finally got this working. The problem is that apparently old Roland electronic pianos incorrectly emit an 'all notes off' midi message when all the keys have been lifted. This tells Ableton to immediately stop all notes that are being played (even if the sustain pedal is being pressed). Through the use of MidiPipe I was able to filter out the 'all notes off' message (CC123) so that Ableton no longer received them and everything worked!

    Since it took me a while to figure out how to get MidiPipe to do what I wanted, I thought I'd mention what I did to get it working in the end. I added a 'Midi In' pipe to receive the messages that were coming in from the piano ("hijack" option checked), added a 'Message Converter' pipe and mapped Control Change #123 to Control Change #002 (for example), and lastly a 'Midi Out' pipe to MidiPipe Output 1 ("pass through" option checked).

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    I had this issue with ableton live 9.5 on windows and Nektar LX88. Here is what I did.

    Create a sample midi track first, then in the clip view, click on the circle with a 'E' inside in it.

    This will then open up a menu, where you can select envelop control, for me it was 64.

    after that I had to also click on options (all the way on the top left) and click on Lock envelops. This was the only way I got this working.

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  • KatzeMeow
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    Hi I am using novation launch key 61, with ableton live lite 9 version.

    How can I record my novation sustain pedals data in abletone. I trying recording multiple times but ableton is only accepting the keynote data, not the pedal data, however yellow light blinks every time  press the pedal down. Any help on this please

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  • scottiedo
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    First, double check to make sure Live is receiving the midi event. I'm sure you've already done this but when you step on the pedal you should see the midi indicator light blink yellow in the top right corner of the Live window.

    Now just because there is a light blinking it doesn't mean your Roland board is sending CC 64. You could test this by recording a midi clip and see if the 64 - Hold Pedal envelop has some envelopes.

    Next, what kind of instrument are you trying to sustain. Some Instruments/patches don't sustain with the pedal. The default analog patch doesn't. However the default Operator patch does.

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