How do I get Live 8 to follow Rewire master time signature in Rewire slave mode?

I'm working on a demo for a band which is in 6/8. Whenever we Rewire Live 8 to Pro Tools 8HD, the time signature in Live switches to 4/4, even if Pro Tools is already set to 6/8. From googling it would appear that Logic and DP users also have the same problem.


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  • scottiedo
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    It's an issue that needs to be fixed within the Rewire/Live software. Nothing we can do about it.

    It has caused me lots of frustration.

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  • terrapin69
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    This is a Rewire limitation, but all is not lost!

    My latest track is in 6/8, and I was having the same frustration with syncing to Pro Tools. But what you have to remember is that Rewire will happily follow tempo changes, but just doesn't support time signature changes. So all you have to do is ignore the bar divisions, and concentrate instead on the note divisions. In 6/8, the subdivision is the quaver, or 8th note, and I find that Rewire will play each of these divisions exactly in time. A bar of 6/8 is, unsurprisingly, 6 8th notes long. So by doing a bit of your 6 times table, you can work out where to put a clip set to 6/8, and it will be perfectly in sync: bar 2 will be at beat 7, bar 3 will be at beat 13, etc. Where there are changes in time signature, it just becomes a different math equation to get the clips in the correct place. 

    It's easy to test this: In session view, create a midi clip of 1 bar length in a track with an instrument assigned. Set its time signature to 6/8. Using the pencil tool (cmd-b), put a beat at 1 and 4. Copy this into the very start of the track in arrangement view, and then stretch the duration to loop it a few times. Hit play on PT, and the beats of the clip will play exactly on the down and up beats in time with PT. Vary the PT tempo, and Live's tempo will vary with it.

    To test this further, move the start of the clip to the 13th 8th note, which is equivalent to Bar 2, Beat 3 in 4/4. Start Pro Tools, and there will be exactly 2 bars of silence before your clip starts exactly on the beat, and stays locked to the Pro Tools track. 

    Hope this helps you get back on track!


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