How do i get an output sound with ableton?

I purchased the Novation Impulse & it came with a copy of ableton live lite. 

I haver set up everything and the impulse comes with auto map,


When i strike a key on my impulse or the actual keyboard it shows signal that the input sound is being made, but no sound is being played




I have no instrument, drum racks, or any sounds when i select the instrument tabs


super frustrating, any help would be awesome. 


IAMTHESOUTH 4 years ago | 1 comment

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  • Street Spirit
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    Yeah frustrating indeed lol, try arming the track so it turns red.. turn on auto monitor.  also go through lives built in lessons,, should be available even in Lite version, good luck. as far as the no instruments maybe there not available in lite, i know just Live without suit you get no instruments, only impulse and simpler.

    4 years ago | 2 comments
  • cmalaran
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    I'm having the same problem- I installed launchpad edition v. 8.0.6, I'm on a macBook Pro running 10.6.8

    When I go into the preferences for audio,

    I hear the test signal sound, no problem

    but when I drop things into the tracks and hit the buttons on my pad, everything blinks, the software shows activity

    but I hear nothing via my headphones or computer speakers


    my audio out is set to Core

    and built-in input and built-in output...



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  • [stm] Ableton staff
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    Hi there,


    It is possible that your audio hardware is not yet set up in Live's Preferences. Have a look at this article and video:


    If you still experience the issue, a good idea here would be contacting our Support directly. 


    Best regards from Berlin,


    4 years ago | 1 comment
  • SonnySantiago
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    same problem with live lite 9 and novation launchkey49.

    no solution found

    the ableton support was pretty crappy but the novation support was really fine.

    while ableton sent 1 answer, i had a whole conversation and planty of solution options in the correspondence with nov...

    my primary problem where the settings in the preferences, because i had not the usual options to set my keys and stuff, so they sent me a few possibilities of settings an it worked. also they sent me an new usb-cable to better locate the problems. but for what - it worked... till now

    i had a really great idea to remix the daft punks end of line from the movie tron. i started ableton but suddenly - no signal came in. plug out of usb-port, whait, plug in port, restart ableton an signals came in from any knob, fader etc... but no keys :(

    i am really fucked up of this software and also of the ableton support - in this plug 'n play era those problems - rediculous

    "well, we can start a remotely controlled session. actualy this service is only for prime clients but exceptionally we can do it for you too." ABLETON, FUCK YOUR EXEPTIONALLY - i don´t have to stand for beein thankful for a support. i will pay munch money for your software if it works so who is in the position to kiss the others ass...

    (sorry for my english - greetings from germany XD)

    2 years ago | 2 comments
  • Danielkn21
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    I am having the same problem currently.  Just bought the APCmini launchpad and it came with the ableton light.  I am having the exact same issues as the people above and   I have gone into the preferences but my computer already detects everything and theres more info on my screen in the preferences about the launch pad than there was in that video.

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  • boogdan.ica
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