How do I get Ableton to play sounds from my keyboard?

I have a kurzweil keyboard, it has MIDI ports at the back of it and I have no problem using it to play the sounds in Ableton, but I want to know how, if possible, I can play sounds from my keyboard with Ableton. There's a nice synth strings sound I would like to use in a song I'm writing. I haven't a clue how to do it. I imagine I have to use External Instrument, but I don't know how to set it up and I've looked at a few videos on youtube but they haven't made it any clearer. Hope my question can be understood! Thanks.


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    If you want to record the internal sounds from your synth you'll need to use an audio cable from the headphone or line out socket on your kurzweil to a line-in socket on your computer. Then create an audio track, and under inputs (you may have to press the IO button in the session view to show this) select that line-in socket, you can choose Monitor-In if you want to hear the sound played through your speakers.

    Midi is just for transferring note and control data (eg what key and volume, what dial you're turning), for sending audio you'll need a normal stereo cable with jack plugs at either end

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