How do I copy a track from a project to another?

I need to get a midi track from a project and move it to another project.


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  • ndebello13
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    Click on "Current Project" under "PLACES". You will see a list of your saved projects. Expand your project of choice. Double-click on the Track you want to copy in the current project... et voilà! (just make sure you saved your current project in the same folder) Nick


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  • hoteleden
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    Try opening the original project, then go to your Browser and open the User Library folder so it's showing your user folders like clips, defaults, etc. Then grab the header of your desired track and drag the track into a desired folder inside of your user library folder. You have to make sure you've already browsed to the user folder; you can't just drop the track into your user folder in the master browser list. Then open your new project, browse to the track, and drop it into your work.

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