How do I bounce multiple audio tracks to just one new track?

Hello Ableton community. Maybe I'm not grasping the concept of Live's way of Bouncing / Freezing audio tracks. I understand the thought process of Freezing a Midi track to Audio, and even dragging it to a new audio clip. What I can't seem to figure out is bouncing multiple audio clips in my arrangement view to just one new track.

I have successfully created a new audio track, then routed say all 3 or 4 other audio tracks to that one channel and recorded in real time. I'm making more studio produced mixtapes with my own mash-ups, remixes, and instruments. So I may have 20 to 40 total song tracks, and each one may contain anywhere from 2 to 5 or even 6 channels to create the final product on one channel. See where my dilemma lies with screen real estate?

There just has to be a faster way then recording it all in real time right?

- Craig

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    Copy the clips to the session view. Try sending all the tracks you want to bounce to one new track to one single audio track, as you already did, and then render the arrangement of that new single track. Live's default setting for rendering is the master track, but you can also select any single track, or a send channel.
    Export that track and then load it back into Live.

    Another way would be to solo all the tracks you want to turn into one new track (after copying them to the arrangement screen) and then export the master output.

    Hope this helps!

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