How do I asign faders and filters to knobs on my MPD26 through ableton?

Havent figured this out yet, appreciate any help I could get with this!


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  • Mark One
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    Very easy : )

    Simply click on the MIDI button in the top right of the screen, the button will turn blue and every visible control on the screen will also have a blue colouration. Click on the control you wish to assign and then move the knob, fader or button on your MPD to assign it. A small number will appear showing the controller assignment. You can do this for as many controls as you like, you can also assign more than one parameter to a single controller. Once you have finished click on the MIDI button again and the blue colouration will disappear, hey presto, control at your fingertips.

    Also worth noting is that each control assignment has variable parameters. When the MIDI assign button is active the explorer window (on the left) shows each control assignment and the available parameters. Refer to the manual for more info on these but they should mostly be self-explanatory.

    Ok... to save you ages of messing about here's a brief tutorial I put together : )


    6 years ago | 1 comment
  • Tjandizzle
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    I cant get this to work... I press the MIDI button in the top right corner and twist the knob but no number is showing! Does this mean Live aint recogninzing my MPD? PLease help!

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Make sure the MPD is selected in the list of midi-devices in Live's preferences.

    Also, make sure you click the button you want to control in the software before you turn a corresponding knob on your controller. 

    Read the manual to see how it is supposed to be set up.

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