How can Unwarped tracks be unaffected by Master Tempo?

In previous versions of Live, I seem to recall that you could place an unwarped track in the arrangement view, and change the master tempo with impunity, such that the playback speed of the unwarped track would never change from that at which it was recorded.

It was really handy to use this in radio style dj mixes where the tempo would change for the songs before and after, and automation didn't affect the currently playing song in the timeline (usually something acoustic/jazzy/painstaking to warp). Now, adjusting the master tempo while an unwarped song is playing causes a change in pitch of that song.

The clip says it's unwarped, anything else I could be missing? Any hacks or work arounds? I'd like to preserve the natural variations in timing rather than warp everything.



1nfinitezer0 4 years ago | 0 comments

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