how can shift a whole track over to have it start earlier than it currently does?

i have a midi beat under a track that i recorded but the track is starting too late. i would like to move it so that it starts 4 counts earlier. how can i do this?


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  • Warrior Bob
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    If you're on the Arrangement view, just select everything you want to move and drag it backwards in time.

    If you're working in Session view, I'm assuming you've got a MIDI clip for the beat and and the other track is in a separate audio clip. Open up the audio clip in the clip view, and move the start marker to four counts later than it is. This means, of course, that when you launch the clip it'll start four counts into the track. If you don't want this to happen, then leave the start marker where it was and launch the clip earlier.

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  • Carlosnik
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    You got anothe solution to this too, which is to delay or post delay a whole track. You can do this turning on the yellow button on the down right side of the screen, the little button with the letter D (Delay).  Once you got that option turned on, you can see that every track on the Session and/or the arrangement view has a box with a time in miliseconds. You can choose either Miliseconds or Samples, to Delay a Track or Post-Delay it. 


    Its used in post production quite often to try to correct some problems with frecuencies or other stuff.

    Hope it works fine for you!



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  • mizar001
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    How about CTRL+I to insert silence (single or all tracks) ?

    Thats' easy and less complicated.

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