How can I put an MP3 track into Ableton Live Lite?

I am trying to insert an MP3 track to work with into Ableton Live Lite; unfortunately I cannot figure out how to do this at all.  Can someone help?


jrosssmith 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Dianimal
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    Not an answer but just a further comment/observation - when I've dragged MP3s of a previously recorded track into Ableton, it will try to match it to the BPM in the upper window. If you look down below on the specific track info, it has usually figured out the correct BPM, but you must then set the other value to be the same, or it will try to speed up/slow down the music to whatever BPM was already in the window (default is 120). Also, I've noticed weird sound quality, juddering issues. Not sure this is a good method for importing recorded music into Ableton....

    3 years ago | 2 comments
  • [stm] Ableton staff
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    Hi there,

    Make sure to have the latest version of Live installed. You'll find the installer of Live in your Ableton user account:

    Also, there are a number of scenarios in which compressed audio files (MP3, M4A, FLAC etc) cannot be imported into Live. Check out the link below to see solutions to some of the most common issues:

    In case of further problems, reach out to us:


    5 years ago | 2 comments
  • Otz
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    The link is dead. Is there still a free upgrade to Live Lite 8 / Live 8 APC and does it work with Live Lite 7 APC?

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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