How can I open a Cubase Project in Ableton?

I've been producing my tracks with cubase so far, but now I wanna perfome live, so I need to be able to open my cubase tracks in ableton. 


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    If you want the full track as it is now; export the separate tracks of that project as audio, or combine them to get fewer parts. Make sure they all start at the same point (0.0.0 for example), to make things easier

    Set Live to the same bpm and load the audio into the separate channels/tracks.

    The rest depends on what you want to do live. Just need loops or shorter clips? edit the audio and save the project. Need more control over certain parts? Then you could even load the original midi files from Cubase and add the same synth (vst) and similar fx.

    Lot of work though.

    Save the separate audio files using the "save" function in the clip editor to make sure Live recognises the right tempo of each part.


    After you've finished all tracks, load them into a live performance project and organise it to your liking. If you've done everything right, Live will recognise the correct tempo of each part so you don't need to warp everything.

    Hope this helps!


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