How can I get my Korg Kaossilator to feed into Ableton

Hi Ableton users,

I'm quite new to live and I'm trying to find some instructions on how to get my Korg Kaossilator to feed through into the microphone jack on my macbook and then capturing the sound wave into Live. 

I've looked up instructions on how to do this (even with using a microphone) and suprisingly I haven't had much luck with finding this info. I've been told that I need an external Audio Interface to do this (which I don't have) and I really think that If it can be done in Garage Band then It can be done in Live.

Any suggestions will be very appreciated.

Btw, It's the pocket synthesiser Kaossilator and not the Pro device (not sure if that makes a difference though)


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    For recording into Live, you need to make sure that you have activated the available in- and outputs in the preferences.
    If there is also a line-in option there, you should be able to use your kaossilator.

    But still, there is not really a good reason to make music with software like Live, and then export it by using your (lower quality) internal soundcard.

    So i would suggest buying an external audio interface. There are som decent ones available for low prices.

    Basically, what you have to do to record the sound from the kaossilator is this:
    - activate input that receives the kaossilator signal.
    - set up an audio track in live.
    - choose ext in as your input. (And select the correct channel)
    - arm the track and hit record.

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