How can I create sounds like jet noise in Ableton Live Intro?


I am new to Live but am good at following directions.  I want to create a MIDI track that I can use to simulate jet noise (doing takeoffs, fly-by's etc.) and I believe that I should be able to do it using white noise with a cutoff filter, some delay and reverb, right?  But what do I use as a white noise source in the first place?  I have an Akai LPK25 keyboard and that's about it.  Also, I am using Ableton Live Intro.  Thanks for whatever suggestions you may have.  I want to create a composition with this sound effect in it.



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    Since you're in Live Intro, Simpler is probably going to be your best bet to make that happen on a MIDI track. So start with putting Simpler on a new MIDI track.

    For your white noise source, you could either take a white noise sample (from a sample library, synth, etc.) and drag it into simpler, or you could record room noise (essentially nothing) on an audio track and keep increasing the clip gain (in the Sample Display section of Clip View) until you have a more normalized audio signal. Note that when you get to the top of the clip gain meter, you can consolidate the clip (command+J) and continue to increase gain (depending on the state of the audio).  It won't be exactly like synthesized white noise, but it should be work-able for what you're going for. Either way drag the sample you use into Simpler.

    From there you can adjust the sample playback within Simpler. Then you could experiment with audio effects as you mentioned (Auto Filter, Reverb, Automated Eq, etc.) to get the sound you want. There is even a Filter in Simpler's parameters. Volume automation is the other thing that will probably really help with the realism of the effect.

    There are a ton of ways you could go about this, but that's what I would try first. Best of luck!

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