How can I change the behaviour of the transport record button?

In Live 8 I used to be able to arm the Record button on the transport and then record clips, at my leisure, into the arrangement view. In essence, hitting Record on the transport did nothing until I played a clip or pushed Start. In Live 9 when I hit the Record button it starts recording into the arrangement window immediately which is somewhat stressful. I want to push Record, then place my fingers on the clips I want to record and start the actual recording when I'm good and ready.

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    So, Ableton mentions this in the manual. You are able to hold shift, then press the record button just to turn recording on. After you do that, you can position your hands and press your space bar or whatever button you usually press to begin transport / playback / recording.

    I would suggest putting a 1 bar count in on your setting so that if you forget to hold shift while clicking the global record button, you will have a moment to stop the recording before it starts.


    5 years ago | 1 comment

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