highighting part of a midi clip and applying groove to just one part?

possible? and without effecting the whole midi clip.. kind of like a groove variation of sorts. as it says (extract groove.(s). you would assume. i know i can duplicate each clip split in parts and apply grooves to each one in arrangement view. but i would like to just do this in session.  I know its possible with FLS piano roll ahh miss that thing. But i forked over 500$ for ths daw and would like to use it to the fullest. at least have it do what it says. also this is just for a synth lead, not a drum or rack.

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Street Spirit 3 years ago | 0 comments

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    you can split the parts in the session view, use the grooves on the part you want to effect, then use the launch clip sections so that the split parts run as the whole midi clip would have.

    look up clip launch tutes on youtube

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  • Street Spirit
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    right thanks but i already no i can split up the midi clip into separate clips and do it that way.. what iam asking is just to select any part of the midi notes and apply the groove to just that one part. or do it the hard way and zoom stretch notes, do you understand me ? Ok maybe it cant be done. just better work flow in my eyes.

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