Help warping a track that's off-beat

So I'm trying to warp a House track in Ableton. Now, the track begins with an intro, and stays on beat up until 20.4 bars in, where the 4x4 kick comes in, throwing off the time of the whole track. How would you recommend I go about fixing this, without screwing up the tempo?


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  • Eppe
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    Hi! Do you have a link to the track? Does the tempo actually change?

    You could probably chop a bit off the intro or timestretch a small section of the intro so the kick comes in at the desired moment (unless there are significant rhythmic elements in the intro in which case timestretching a small section would sound weird), but I'll probably be able to give more specific advice if I hear the actual track.

    5 years ago | 3 comments
  • cutwithflourish
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    You can double click on a clip to create warp markers that won't move when you adjust the tempo of a section. If you create one of these at the point where you think the tempo/rhythm shifts, then you can warp the sections differently to make the track fit. 

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  • Mixter-T
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    You should try warping something other than electronic music someday. This situation sound pretty strait forward.

    Create a warp marker by double clicking on the timeline (above the waveform) at 20.4

    Then, listen with the metronome on to hear if the track is speeding up or slowing down after 20.4. (You could also just look at the waveform, but the appearance is not as reliable as your ear!-)

    You can pull transient markers to adjust the playback speed and sync it up with the timeline. If it seems to go off again, you may need to repeat this process. Add warp markers where it sounds good, and tweak the tempo when it starts to go off...

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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