Harmony played in on Push, plays back out of key in Arrangement unless play is restarted.


Helo all!

My name is Brian. I recently purchased Live 9 Suite, and Push. I've had them for about a week, and it has really changed the way I produce my music.  I have written my very first song in Ableton, and it was filled with musical epiphanies and tear-welling joy.

Now, this brings me to my question.

I have played all the parts in (my ideas in Session mode), triggered them in on time with the metronome on, to make sure I'm on point.  Everything is sounding the way it should sound. See clip below.


Yet, when I go to render or just play the track out in Ableton, when it gets to that same part in the song, it sounds like this instead. See clip below.


I'm new to Ableton, and I would like to know where I should be looking to fix this issue so that it always plays back the way I played it in initially. I've looked in all the places I could think of.  I've even cleared out the Arrangement area, and re-triggered all the parts in the same order as well as a different version thinking maybe it was that.  Nothing.  I've re-input the parts as well. The same thing happens.

If I stop the song while it's playing incorrectly, and press the Space Bar or the Play button on Push, it starts playing the segment correctly! This is really bugging me. This song will be ready for the full EQ process once I get THIS issue taken care of.

Has anyone else run into this kind of issue, and if so, how did you fix it?  More importantly, how can I prevent this kind of issue from happening ever again?

I really love Ableton, and I really want to be able to perform my music.  Push will let me do this easily.  I just have to get to know it better.







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    I've had this sort of issue before. I'm not sure what caused it, but suspected it was some exotic combination of Max for Live devices and VSTs.

    What I did to get around it was to either freeze and flatten the track to audio, or, if that doesn't work resample it to another track as audio. If you want to tweak the settings you should make a duplicate of the track with the problem before you freeze it then deactivate that track.

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