External Midi Issues - Random note/pitch hold

Hey Guys, 

This is driving me crazy! I'm trying to make the switch from being a strictly MPC user to become a strictly ableton user. I use a lot of external synthesizers and I sent midi in and out via my mpc in the past. All my keyboards send/receive midi signal/clock on my MPC. But when I plug in my MOTU micro lite and plug in ableton, it randomly holds a never ending note. I have watched multiple tutorials on setting up MIDI and I feel that I have switched so much stuff up and watched so many tutorials, at this point I don't even know whats right anymore. The weird part is, is when I plug the midi into my MPC renaissance (hardware mpc with plugin software) it sends the midi to ableton no problem ( Id be totally cool with this but Im trying to get the big MPC out of my workspace) but I plug my MOTU micro lite back in and I randomly get a random forever note hold. Why am I experiencing this? Any help will greatly be appreciated. 




pinkpaint 4 years ago | 0 comments

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