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Is there a way that i can export a midi sequence that i created to an wav file, or something similar? I just spent hours creating my first drum track (i am using lite) that i  want to use in a live setting, and i didn't realize there would be a problem converting the file.


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    First...   MIDI data is simply a bunch of instructions telling your DAW or electronic instrument which notes to play and how to play them. Its not musical data. So in order to get this to .wav format you'd have to run it through an instrument, either an Ableton instrument or an external instrument.

    Pull the MIDI clip onto a MIDI track, make sure you have an instrument sitting on it, right click on the track header and use "Freeze track". Then go to one of your 3 Live browsers, click the white title bar and select "current project".

    Now you should see something like 'samples', in there a folder 'processed' and in there a folder 'freeze'.  Here is your audio data.


    To get hold of the MIDI data itself; right click on a clip, select the option "Export MIDI clip". This allows you to save your MIDI data as a .mid file, usable in other environments.

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