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Does anyone know if it is possible to stop one pad of a drumrack being effected by an effect on that channel? I have a drumrack with multiple samples and a filter on the channel, I would like to filter some of those samples but not all. I do not want to add a filter to each sample and then automate multiple filters. I also would like to avoid creating two drumracks. 

Also, using the same principle, if I apply a filter to a group of channels, is there a way of making sure one channel in that group is not effected without applying individual effects to each channel and automating them individually?

In principle I imagine a way of working round the second question would be to route all channels I want effected to another audio channel, the route that channel to the master??

Any help or opinion is welcome! :)




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    Maybe look into zones within the rack? Not sure if it is possible.

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    First question:

    Regarding drum racks, here’s how you can route a drum rack chain or group of chains outside of the drum rack and into a separate audio track for processing: 

    1. First, if you want to group chains in a drum rack, select the chains, right-click and select ‘group’. This will group those chains into a group of chains. 
    2. To send that group (or a single chain) to an exterior audio track, create a new audio track and set the I/O of that audio track so that the IN comes from the drum rack and in the chooser under that, where it says “post mixer”, select the group (or the individual chain) that you created inside the drum rack (select it Post FX so that it’s affected by the effects on that chain inside the drum rack). 
    3. Set the monitoring of that new audio track to IN (orange). The chains are now coming through that audio track
    4. And now turn off the speaker of that chain/group of chains inside the drum rack so that it only comes out of the new audio track.



    Regarding the second question,

    when grouped, the tracks in the group are set with their outputs to "group". If you want a track in the group to not be affected by the effect on the group, just switch it's output to "master" so that it bypasses the group effect

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