EastWest plugin not recognised by Ableton. Also my new HP Pavilion laptop works well with Ableton

I am trying to use EastWest's "Goliath" in Ableton as an external plugin.
However, even though in Ableton 9, in the plug ins folder you can see EastWest PLAY, [play_VST_x64.dll ] (after scanning for it)  when I try to load a preset into a midi track the following error displays:
"The preset could not be loaded because it does not match the plug -in parameters. No change occurrred."
What does this mean?
The vst location is as follows:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\East West\Vstplugins\play_VST_x64.dll 
If I click on "configure" in Ableton on the vst plugin window, an error comes up saying "missing product parts" reload "PLAY" .
I already reloaded PLAY so if I do this again, I will be going round in circles!
Any ideas on what to do?
Also I am not sure if this is relevant:
I am using 64 bit version of Ableton live 9 and also EastWest "Goliath" plugin and selected the 64 bit version for set up and loading the program.  Goliath as part of EastWests complete composers collection" seems to work well as a standalone program.
However, when I tried to load  "Goliath",  as I  installed it the following errors came up (which didn't seem to be solved by downloading the newest versions of Goliath from EastWest - the program didn't load up with the newer version, so I uninstalled the update and when back to the one on my CD installation):
"Setup has detected a newer version of TPKD already on this system - Would you like to use the newer version yes / no?"
If you answer yes, the setup quits.  If you answer no, then set up continues and loads the samples and instruments but stalls on the last part of the set up when it says:  Error "The file 'C:\ProgramData\\EastWest\plugins\goliathplayer_x64.dll' could not be opened. Please check that your disk is not full and that you have access to the destination directory". 
My HD is not even 1/4 full and I am the administrator for the computer and account.
Then a prompt  asks you to hit "OK"  and  it continues to load up and DOES work as a standalone program.
NOTE for Ableton users on a limited budget if you are in the UK:
I have just bought a HP Pavillion from PC World (8gb RAM, 1.5TB hard disk, i5 processor with Windows 8.1, 64 Bit)  and it works really well with Ableton (some forums said that HP was "noisy"  but I am finding  it seems work really well in case anyone wants to upgrade to this PC - its been reduced from £599 to £399 and seems to be a really good deal from the memory you get and if you are on a budget and can't afford a mac or souped up custom PC and don't mind the other preloaded software that comes with it). 
My set up:
HP Pavillion laptop 
8gb RAM, 1.5TB hard disk, 
i5 processor
Windows 8.1,
64 Bit
Ableton Live 9, Cubase 5.5 
Korg 3
Oxygen 25 keyboard
EastWest/Quantum Leap Complete Composers Collection including Goliath, etc.


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