Drum Racks vs Separate Tracks


I tend to put each drum sound on a separate track e.g. kick, hihat, clap etc.  It allows me to bring sounds in and out of the mix by just copying, pasting and deleting clips.  The clips allow me to visually see which sounds are playing.

However, I can't see the interplay of individual notes/hits.  As such, I often unintentionally have two or more drum sounds playing at the same time - e.g. on the same 16th note - when I'd like to avoid this.

I'm aware that using a Drum Rack with a sound on each pad would allow me to see the interplay of notes/hits within a single midi clip.  However, I would then lose the ability to easily bring individual drum sounds in and out of the mix via midi clips.

I'm also aware that I could use a Drum Rack to program a beat, and use 'Extract Chains' to turn each pad/sound into a separate track.  However, this would be a one-way operation, and wouldn't easily allow me to return to drum programming mode.

Am I missing something here?  Does anyone have a good methodology for both (a) bringing drum sounds in and out of a mix, and (b) viewing the interplay of individual notes/hits?

Many thanks in advance,



terryjohn 1 year ago | 1 comment

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