Do packs get updated ?

Bit of a strange one, more of a curiosity/query than a issue !

I notice that the packs all have version numbers at the end ( e.g. the latest free pack being BeatSelectionbySampleMagic_r32199_v1.0.alp ). This suggests that there may possibly be newer versions released in the future. Is this the case and if so, what are the differences between versions of packs? Are there more samples, tweaks to the macro controllers where applicable ?

Plus is there anyway of finding out if there are any newer versions of packs other than just manually comparing the filenames on the website with my backed up .alp collection ?



mcbpete 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • [daw]
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    Hi there,

    Quickly jumping in with a somewhat official statement on pack updates. 

    In theory, there simply are no pack updates, and this holds true for almost all of our packs.

    If something does change within a pack, it is most likely of a cosmetic nature, like the change of text or pictures within a lesson for example. 

    So generally speaking, there is no need to keep track of version numbers for Packs, as the minor cosmetic updates to them do not justify all our users constantly downloading them again. 

    However, if a pack update comes with a change to the content or fixes a bug, we will let affected users know. 

    Hope this helps, 


    2 years ago | 1 comment
  • BBT
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    yes.  i had to reinstall max for live essentials pack, to get added synths as it was not included with the max 7 update.  its really easy to miss this.

    1 year ago | 1 comment
  • mcbpete
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    This week we had a big update for Time & Tibre ( ) though I'd have only known about it from my [rather too-obsessive-near-daily] checking of the main site. This prompted me to check the version numbering of other packs - Cinematic Percussion seemed to have a considerable decrease in download size since the version I downloaded earlier in the month, Dub Machines had been updated, and there various other packs with update version numbering (not just the r#### number changing but the _v# number too -though to be honest I'm not sure what changes have been made - if any!)

    Just wondering if there's any sort of automated email that could be sent out to people that have purchased packs that have since been updated?

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  • mcbpete
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    As an update: I notice Ableton's Drum Machines pack is currently r30690_v9.0 whereas the version I downloaded at the start of the year is r30569_v9.0. They're both v9 but have a different 'r' number (whatever that relates to), would there be any difference ?

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  • monkeytrix
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    Thank you Pete, for asking this question.

    I go through far too much manual comparison keeping up with Live's library because of this. I know for a fact that updates do matter in many cases, but I only find out about it when there is a problem. Ex: "Download the latest update" and it will fix it.

    I am always so frustrated that I was not informed in any way that there was an update to begin with.

    they don't even bother to list a version number next to the download on their site.

    Ableton really needs to see the importance in being proactive about this rather than just constantly putting out fires. 

    I also use 2 other popular DAWs and neither of them require the manual labor that Live does. 

    This is just one example.


    Thanks again, Lets hope for a response ...or better yet, a fix.


    2 years ago | 0 comments

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