Do packs get updated ?

Bit of a strange one, more of a curiosity/query than a issue !

I notice that the packs all have version numbers at the end ( e.g. the latest free pack being BeatSelectionbySampleMagic_r32199_v1.0.alp ). This suggests that there may possibly be newer versions released in the future. Is this the case and if so, what are the differences between versions of packs? Are there more samples, tweaks to the macro controllers where applicable ?

Plus is there anyway of finding out if there are any newer versions of packs other than just manually comparing the filenames on the website with my backed up .alp collection ?


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    As an update: I notice Ableton's Drum Machines pack is currently r30690_v9.0 whereas the version I downloaded at the start of the year is r30569_v9.0. They're both v9 but have a different 'r' number (whatever that relates to), would there be any difference ?

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