Do I really need external audio interface?

Hi all.

In my live performance I use Live just for generate sounds: clips, drum rack and vst that I "play" using several controllers. I take the output of my PC and connect it to a mixer and then I play with my friends (VOX & Guitar).

I don't input any signals un my PC.

In this situation what an external audio interface (USB) can do for me? 

I ask this because I tried to used a couple of external audio interface and I haven't noticed any benefits in terms of better sound (just more gain, that I can supply increase the volume on the mixer).

Instead I've noticed some momentary problems like latency (on the answer of the controllers) or noise.

Maybe with a very expensive audio interface I can have significantly better output sound.. but, up to now, I play in little club with a no-so-good P.A. system :-)

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    It really does help to have a reasonable external audio interface for several reasons.

    - More connecting options (mini jack out to a club system is not great)

    - higher audio quality (24 bit or higher, 48khz or higher)

    Especially when exporting/rendering sounds this will help.

    However, if you think you can do without, by all means do so. But I can't really imagine it sounding just as good as a dedicated audio interface. Of course this also depends on the quality/options of the built-in audio interface.

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