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Hello all,


I brought and paid for Ableton Suite with push on the day it came out (March 5th). I have still yet to receive the Push even though it seems others have. Can everyone please tell me whether they have received their Push yet, when they ordered it and what country they are from. It is really starting to hack me off now so I want to see where everyone else is with it and how they ordered it. 


Ableton needs to do some serious service recovery, but all they seem to be doing is ignoring it. I am days away from just getting them to give me a full refund which is a shame since I have used ableton since version 6 and they have never been this bad.


Please also let me know if you ordered through Ableton as I did too as that could affect things.


Dan F


DJTrickstar 4 years ago | 0 comments

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    1 vote       >>> just read my bad written but I hope "clear" comments, it's written to make you relax or relaizing you didn't think about cancel et redo your request with the "calling with a cool tone" in case of charged but not shipping stuff where you live...Kind regards

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