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I have submitted a resume and cover letter to a well known sample company however. In order for them to look over everything they would like a demo reel, what could I put in this demo reel. Do they want 1 shot samples I've done or snippets of songs I am a little confused on what I should include. Also just in case I do not get the job is there a position opening for anything like that involving getting a job at Ableton?

I have 100mb of my own library and almost 3.5 gb of my own songs.

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    Well, there are about a million people that want to get a job like that.

    Just like in music, you will have to work your way up to something like that.


    About the demo reel; very simple. What kind of samples does that company usually put on sample cd's?

    I would guess; loops, one shots, etc.

    So send them a demo that includes some of your most interesting samples/loops as a kind of audio resume.

    I'm also pretty sure they don't want your "songs", but only samples/loops.

    By the way; every musician has his/her own library and enormous loads of their own songs. That's the whole point.  So if you want to be taken serious as a sound designer, nobody will care how many songs or sounds you have. We all have that!


    What makes you better than/different from all the rest? Use that!

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