CV sync with Monotribe

Hi there, I have managed to sync my monotribe with Live via the CV pulse coming off an audio track and routed to my monotribe.

As there is obviously some delay in the monotribe recieving the sync pulse and firing off the BD, then that audio coming back into my sound card, I need to alter the track delay to compensate.


1) Do I alter the sync track  delay or the Monotribe audio track delay?

2) is the delay xx:xxms a delay in positive values or is that predelay? so is 25ms a 25 second delay? or a 25ms earlier than 00:00 (predelay?)

Anyone got any other tips for doing this sync? I knwo how to do it, I just need a bit of expertise fine tuning it, as the delay in  drum rack & monotribe BDs sound like badly mixed dance tracks..


hamildad 5 years ago | 0 comments

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    Just use the track delays: either on the sync track or the audio input.
    Whatever works best for you. Personally i would try to fixitin the sync track, so you can record the synth output without any delays, and don't have to fix that afterwards.

    About the track delays: if the sound is 25 ms 'late', you set the track delay to -25.

    Hope this helps!

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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