Customize Shortcuts

It doesn't seem like you can customize shortcuts can you???


that's insane since the shortcut to  zoom-out is -   and zoom-in is shift and +  held together.

to zoom out you can use one finger... but to zoom in you need two....

Even though you zoom in and out more than almost anything else in a project, the shortcuts to do so are on the side of the keyboard opposite all the other most used shortcuts (ctrl Z, ctrl d, ctrl c...) and one is one key and the other is two keys !!!!@@??!

Meanwhile the Z key alone has no shortcut... the x key alone has no shortcut.........

Starting to get a mental picture yet Ableton?


dukeeastwood 2 years ago | 1 comment

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  • dumle
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    I know, its fucked up.

    You may customize SOME functions though. 

    Go to (I'm using a mac) system preferences - keyboard - shortcuts - program shortcuts. Here you type in i.e. "File Manager" and give it a custom shortcut.

    But yeah, not all functions can be customized this way, so Ableton should let us customize within Live. 

    Like, no shortcut for soloing a track? come on..

    3 months ago | 0 comments

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