Cuing tracks live

I am trying to figure out a better way for my drummer to cue tracks live. Currently we just use a mouse or keys that have been assigned to cue tracks.

I am thinking about getting some old drum pads from an electronic drum set to cue tracks. I had seen someone doing this. 

How can I get Ableton to automatically select the next scene when I cue a track? Is it possible to set up the drum pad so that I can hit it to cue one track and then it automatically moves to the next scene so I can just hit the pad again to cue the next track without having to physically select anything? 


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    In the preferences, under the record/warp/launch tab, there is an option that says 'select next scene on launch'. Activate that, and when you launch a scene it starts playing. Press again, and the next scene will start playing, etc.

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