Copying instrument rack chain selection automation data to other tracks?

Hi all!

Is there any way to copy the chain selector automation data from one clip to another clip - on a different track?

I have multiple tracks each containing an instrument rack, with identical chains set up for the racks. When copy-pasteing clips from one track to another, the chain selector automation data is not copied. I believe this is due to each track containing a unique (though identical) instrument rack.

How would you accomplish keeping the chain selector data when copying the clip to another track?

What am I trying to accomplish with this? The context is orchestral film music, with each track containing one real instrument (e.g. one for violin, another for cello). Each instrument has multiple articulations (i.e. sample sets) that are set to different chains of the instrument rack of one track. The articulation is controlled with the chain selector. This allows having the clip played in a similar fashion with different instruments when a clip is copied to another track. Or would allow - if the chain selector automation would somehow be copied to the other track. But it is not.

Any ideas to accomplish this or work around this?


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    Answering myself: the chain selector automation data is actually copied - IF (and only if) the count of devices in the device chain is the same on both tracks. The types and names don't matter - only the count.

    So if you have different amount of devices on the instrument racks of different tracks, and still want the chain selector data copied when copying clips: insert dummy devices on the instrument rack to match the count of instruments on any track.

    In my case, I checked what's the count of devices on the track with most devices on the instrument rack. For the other tracks, I added empty dummy devices - to get the device count to match on each track. Now copy-pasteing between tracks works like a charm - including the chain selector automation data.

    One more gotcha/glitch encountered: the chain selector data copypasteing did NOT work, if the other track had an Ableton midi device (e.g. pitch change) in front of the instrument rack, and the other track didn't. Seems that also the device count in the chain BEFORE the instrument rack has to match for the tracks.

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    about chain selector.
    I use chain selector to use different drum racks in live.
    at the begining of a song, a clip selects the drum rack I use.
    but, if In a scene i make a clip, a new one(in whitch there is not the enveloppe ), the clip will play one the first drum rack !
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