Copy MIDI from all arrangement tracks into session view as distinct clips

I recorded 5 MIDI tracks in arrangement view. I now want to extract the best parts into session view and delete the original recording. If I mark a section of arrangement view, right-click, select copy, and paste into session view, I get 5 new clips across a single row of the session view. That is what I expect. But, when I open any of these clips, I see the entire track of MIDI data there with the previously marked section active as a loop. I want just the MIDI data within the marked section and nothing else. I want each clip to be its own distinct entity so I can delete the original MIDI tracks. I tried "consolidate time to new scene", but I get a warning that my version of Ableton (Intro) only permits 8 scenes. My understanding is that a scene is a row. I have no scenes at all right now. I have 5 empty tracks in the session view. Could someone advise me?

-d. vyd


d.vyd 7 months ago | 0 comments

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    For you (if consolidate to new scene does not work) the best option would be:

    - select part of the midi you want to put into a scene. (mouse)

    - crop the clips so only the selected midi parts remain

    - copy and paste into session view (all tracks at once)

    - repeat the process for the rest of the desired midi parts.

    7 months ago | 0 comments

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