Controlling POD HD banks/patches with Ableton Live


I am working with this new POD HD500 pedal, but I am unable to create the type of changes I am looking to create via MIDI, basically to have Ableton change to specific banks/patches during songs.
I am having trouble setting up my POD HD500X pedal and Ableton so that it changes the presets at the correct time during the song, using program changes I have drawn in with the pencil tool.  I know I can create a new clip, and chose the correct program/bank in the clip, and use follow actions to change to the appropriate clip at the right time, but I would like to draw in the changes in the piano roll so that I just need one clip with the appropriate programs changes drawn in at the appropriate points to trigger the preset changes.
For example, during the verses Ableton would send a midi message triggering bank 1, preset 1---a clean tone.  Then for the bridge, Ableton would change to bank 2, preset 5---a distorted tone (both of which are bank/presets on the POD HD).
That is what I am doing with my lights, I created a return track and then have the DMXIS plug-in with two MIDI tracks (channel 15 controlling the bank change, and 16 controlling the various lighting presets within those banks).  I essentially want to do the same thing with my guitar, have two MIDI tracks, one for banks and one for presets, with the notes drawn in to trigger the correct patch changes.



gretschbeastfan 3 years ago | 0 comments

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