I havent noticed any difference on my laptop or Desktop PC just put the latest 9.0.3 on my desktop.

    By that i mean I havent hit over 25% CPU usage, and am on the smallest buffer with 10ms delay compensation added to keep it zero latency.

    Im with you on the Push delay issue...... although mine now says 6-8 weeks, which still seems too long though. I dont even know if the money will still be in my account by then.

    Cant say how much i hate the new library. not being able to save presets into the core library and delete all the subpar factory presets is really frustrating. Bye bye screen real-estate

    Ableton Live 9.0.3 64bit w Max4 live 64bit
    Win7 64bit Pro
    AMD FX8350 (8 Core x 4.0GHz) Procesor
    990FXAGD80 Motherboard
    32GB RAM (1888Hz)
    2xWD SATA3 (HDD RAID 0 array)
    Avid Eleven Rack as Audio Interface
    acidshell 4 years ago