Live is a bit different than Reason. It's nonlinear approach is much like learning to drive a car but with time it starts to feel more natural.

    Really the main thing to grasp in Ableton is SessionView workflow, then ArrangeView workflow. Its ArrangeView workflow is probably somewhat similar to Reason, but the real power is in learning how to properly combine both.

    SessionView is great for improvising, trying out new sections,

    ArrangeView is more for fine tuning and finalizing and detailed editing.

    Some people only use the arrange view and vice versa.

    I think the best approach is using both.

    The only other thing that was a little difficult to grasp was warping audio. If you work with audio drumloops, warping is great. It is also great if you play live instruments and don't have the best timing.

    Also you might not want to ditch Reason completely. Many folks on Live Rewire Reason into it and use Reason as a glorified sound module (which does have a lot of good sounds and cool synths). Live also has one of the better rewire implementations out of other DAWs.

    But good luck 30 days isn't a whole lot of time to try Ableton out. It took me a few months to really get a good feel.

    Ableton overall is a very simple on the surface DAW that can get surprisingly deep in some areas.
    jlgrimes 5 years ago