This information does not specifically address the concern of the inquirer. Several other products allow for detailed nudging, through either a controller or keyboard. 2 products that work this way are ProTools and Maschine. In Live I often use the delay compensation to nudge tracks over, adjusting things to sit better in the pocket, but sometimes I want to nudge only a small part of the track. With that being said, does Live allow you to nudge in the manner described above; yes or no. If yes, how? Much appreciated!
    weswook 4 years ago
    Good question. The previous answer was not really an answer. Does anybody know how to nudge/move clips around with a keyboard command & arrows in the arrangement page? Thanks in advance.
    pmer 4 years ago
    Ok trying to also nudge clips in arrangement, and was told by ableton tech support, this isn't possible.
    So mystery solved hahaha.
    Street Spirit 3 years ago