Solutions like SkyDrive and Google Drive sync your data when you're online, but still let you access your files when you're not. Best of both worlds. You don't need to stay online.
    TravisSpomer 4 years ago
    Yes, I have been using Google Drive to save Ableton work also.

    I find Google Drive a very valuable tool for many reasons.

    Many people seem to think Google Drive is only cloud based and dismiss it as an option for saving their music work on their PC hard drive.

    Google Drive can be set up to exist as a number of folders on your desktop PC, which then sync promptly with their cloud versions, including automatically saving iterative versions, allowing you to step back to an earlier version of a file if needed.

    If you add file sharing with other Google Drive users to this mix, you get a very good method of both storing and backing up your work and collaborating.

    You can share your Google Drive files (and folders) directly with people in your Gmail address book either read only or full edit. Or email things to people as an attachment from right inside Google Drive online.

    For those who think being offline would ruin using Google Drive, remember you saving your work to folders on your PC's hard drive, which does not depend on an internet connection.

    The next time you go online, all your "offline" work on the PC hard drive is sent to your Google Drive in the Cloud.

    When you eventually exceed your free 15GB, I don't think Google Drive is very expensive , Google charge $60 a year, paid $5 monthly, to store 100 GB, that's 60 cents - per GB - per year.

    A caution on internet data costs, if you have an expensive internet plan, or a small data allowance on your plan, recorded music files can use up a lot of data. I suggest keeping a "clean" library of recordings, avoiding multiple copies of the same file and delete those unwanted takes.

    Plus, importantly you can save 100% of your data $$ on selected Google Drive files by taking advantage of a feature within the Google Drive preferences; to mark some folders within the Google Drive folder on your hard drive as NEVER TO BE SYNCED.

    Lastly, like most these days I multitask between my phone, tablet, laptop, PC. At Work / at Home / in between. All of my devices can access my Google Drive. So I use my Google Drive as the go between to move all types of files between these devices and get a backup into the bargain.

    For example: create a MIDI or WAV file in Caustic on my phone or tablet, transfer it via Google Drive to where Ableton can get at it on the PC.

    It's all good!
    padbury 4 years ago
    Great reply!
    mnieuwhof 4 years ago