Certain plugins not working in Ableton Live 8, Windows 10 64 Bit


I've just built up a new PC with Windows 10, which I haven't used before having been using Win7 / 32 bit Ableton Live for a long time. I've installed Live 8 on it fine, and some plugins just aren't coming up in Live's browser even though the dll's are there in explorer.

The plugins in question are Valhalla Vintage Verb and D16 Decimort and Devastor (all of which are legit/paid for, latest x64 versions from their sites). My other plugins such as free TAL and Voxengo ones and Plugin Alliance/BX stuff are all ok, I don't really use/need many VSTs other than these.

I've already searched around here and elsewhere on the net and tried the following suggestions, all to no avail:

- suggested fixes for Valhalla plugins detailed here - installed .NET 3.5 framework and Visuall C++ update https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=443575 

- running Live as administrator

- renaming my dll files

- disabling UAC on Windows

Any ideas before I end up having to try rolling back to 32 bit Live or even a previous version of Windows?


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