"CC" or "Note On"

I can't figure out if it's better to use CC messages or Note On message when starting and stoping clips using a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller. I'm really not clear on when you would used one over the other. If someone experienced could please answer this nagging question I would be very much appreciative?




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    If you're sending a momentary signal to, say, launch a clip, there really isn't any difference - the difference comes when you want to do things like control a knob or slider, at which point CCs make more sense than notes, since they're sort of designed for this. The major advantage to using one over the other for momentary controls is when you have more than one MIDI controller, and you want to avoid having both of them send the same message.

    Live mixes remote MIDI mappings internally, so these kinds of mapping "collisions" are possible and should be avoided to limit confusion. Unless, of course, you want two MIDI controllers to perform the same action, at which point you just assign them the same MIDI message.


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