Can you 'name' midi notes in the piano roll?

Can you 'name' midi notes in the piano roll?
Using impulse and drum racks adds names automatically, so can you add names/mappings when using plug-ins such as battery, guru or punch?


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  • snugsound
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    To my knowledge there is no way to name notes on the regular chromatic piano roll, but I can think of a workaround. It's a bit kludgey and may have performance implications, but I just tried it (with Addictive Drums) and it does work:

    • Load your VST plug-in in a new MIDI track
    • Create a separate MIDI track and add a "Drum Rack" device
    • For each note you'd like to map in your plug-in: load an "External Instrument" device into an empty Drum Rack slot. For "MIDI To", choose the channel containing the VST.
    • "Audio From" will depend on your plug-in. If it supports separate outputs for each sample then you're in luck. If it only supports one output then you'll likely want to mute the Drum Rack entirely and let the audio pass through the MIDI track containing the plug-in.

    You can now rename all the slots from "External Instrument" to something more appropriate, and the names will appear in the piano roll.

    Good luck :)

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  • matchr
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    I dont have "tools" under midi effect rack.... Just "Arpeggio" and "Experimental" ....

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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    definitely a good workaround

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  • Dinesh4512
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    The General Midi Drum mapping is under:

    Live Devices > MIDI Effects > MIDI Effect Rack > Tools > GM Drum Map

    Just found this on the web and tested. Way cool :)

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  • DS VD
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    way cool indeed can you make your own GM Drum map ?

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  • brp
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    Don't do the workaround above for internal instruments.

    Do this:
    1. create the MIDI track and load the instrument you want to use & make a map for.

    2.In your Live Device Browser, go to MIDI EFFECT RACK> TOOLS. Double click GM Drum Map or drag the GM Drum Map on to your track.

    3. In the Devices view for your track, click on the "show/hide Chain List" button in the GM Drum Map. A list of all the notes will open to the right, each note named the General MIDI drum name for the note.
    4. You can right click on these notes and select "rename". Once you've figured out which notes you need to rename (depending on the drum instrument you're using), you can delete all the other unused notes using the same drop down menu that appears when you right-clicked notes to get to the rename command OR just select unused notes in the chain list and click the delete key on your keyboard.

    Now when you "fold" the piano roll, only the notes relevant to your instrument will be shown.

    5. SAVE this newly modified Drum map as something other than GM Drum Map.
    I recommend saving to this new file after every note edit rather than waiting until your whole map is finished, so you don't risk losing all your work in an accident, power outage etc.

    Your custom map will now be in the MIDI EFFECTS RACK TOOLS Folder of your Live Browser, ready to use in any track in the future.

    You're welcome :)


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