Can you get a good plate or spring reverb sound with Live's built in reverb?

If so how? Maybe someone can describe an example patch/rack or has links to a decent tutorial.


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  • Angstrom
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    I have a Spring Reverb rack which does not use the reverb device, but instead uses the Resonators (in combination with a few other things)

    It's quite complex rack, but its divided into two main sections, firstly the 'input' section which overdrives and compresses the signal. This emulates the crunchy input amps of a spring-verb.

    Secondly there is the processing section, this is a rack with two chains : wet and dry.

    In the 'wet' chain, we have the crucial parts. Firstly a Simple Delay set to a 1 repeat, to provide some pre-delay to the effect. I map this short delay time to a macro dial, to enable editing. This feeds into a saturator, (because you can never have enough distortion) and then into the all important Resonator device.

    Resonator, in mode A, set the root (I) to a low pitch, I use F#-1, then set the next dials to -13 , -11, +2 , +2 .Use the pan controls for each resonator to pan the reflections around. Set the width, gain and wet controls to 100% .  Follow this with a Filter Delay set to short delay times of around 50 to 120 ms and feedback settings around 30% .

    this rack can produce reasonably convincing Spring Reverb.

    An image of the 'processing' section

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  • [mlp] Ableton staff
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    Here's a screenshot of a rack that kind of gets a spring reverb-like effect. The First chain does nothing and could be removed.

    One part I haven't been able to emulate yet is the 'wet' sound you get when hitting a real spring reverb unit with a loud transient. I'm working on something and will post a link when (and if) it's done.

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  • hel Ableton staff
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    I actually built something the other day which ended up sounding remotely like a spring delay. What I did was simply an effect chain (to be used with a send, so all effect levels full on) of a small reverb followed by a 100ms or so delay. I think I remember I put a compressor or saturator or both between them, to pimp up the input level of the delay a bit.

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  • hel Ableton staff
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    I've never saved an effect rack so far... I can try, sure. I'll let you know. Be warned though, it doesn't sound exactly HiFi...

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