can't import any audio files into live 9

Hello everybody !

I can't drag'n'drop audio files anymore into live 9 (tried .mp3 and .wav)... I am in big big troubles because I have to prepare files for a recording session soon.

I'm using a 64bits version and just go upgrated from windows 7 64 bits to windows 10 64bits (upgrade that keeps all parameters, programs installed, etc.)

Any ideas that could help me ?


frozen0991 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • monte32
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    Anyone remember the fix for draggin in files whilst Ableton is still running as administrator.


    I also use Jbridge which needs the host (Ableton) in admin mode 

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  • swedishboy
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    This was driving me mad and it turned out to be a super silly fault from my side.

    My cache setting was set to high (50 GB) and my disk only had 30 GB left. 🙄

    Lowered minimum free space for my decoding cache and voila!

    1 month ago | 0 comments
  • DJ Regimono
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    Thanks so much for asking this question frozen... I also had this problem..


    Also thanks mcbpete for the simple solution!!


    Much Love.. DJ Regimono

    10 months ago | 0 comments
  • frozen0991
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    You really are the king... Thank you very much, it works perfectly now :))

    I had to change all my config to my macbook because of this... Now I'm back to work on my initial config thanks to you.

    1 year ago | 0 comments
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    Very Simple Solution
    In the 'Select the Registry Key' text box of RegOwnershipEx, copy and paste the following:
    3.  Click the Take Ownership button. You will see the Lock icon getting unlocked. Now click 'Open in Registry Editor'.
    Registry Editor showing the key that prevents Explorer from running as admin
    4.  Registry Editor will open at the above key. In the right pane of Registry Editor, you will see a value named 'RunAs'. You need to simply rename this value or delete it so Windows allows you to run Explorer as administrator when you need it. Rename 'RunAs' to anything. For example, RunAsAdmin (so you remember you made this change).
    5.  Close Registry Editor and now switch back to RegOwnershipEx. Click the 'Restore Ownership' button, tick the key that you just took ownership of and restore its ownership.
    1 year ago | 3 comments
  • mcbpete
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    It's no doubt due to permissions (Ableton is in Administrator mode and you're logged in as a normal user, or vice versa). The easiest way around this is to add whatever-folder-you're-using-to-keep-you-recordings-in to your 'Places' collection: On the far left of the screen go down to 'Add Folder' and then select the folder that all your recorded files are located. Then all the files (wavs, mp3s) should then be displayed in the browser content pane for you to add to the project.

    2 years ago | 1 comment

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