can i use my software on another computer

hello i have my software on my laptop but i want to by a imac can i load my software again on to this and can i load it on to a imac


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  • Warrior Bob
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    The license for Live includes two authorizations from the get-go so you can install it on a studio as well as a performing computer. As Seppe says in his answer, this is done in good faith that you will only run one of them at a time.

    If you later on need more activations, you can contact Ableton and they will generally give you more if you explain your situation (reformatted your hard drive? Got a new computer?). 

    Furthermore, these licenses are independent of operating system - so if you have a Windows machine in the studio but you later buy an iMac, you can just use your next unlock. The software on the disc is in both formats, and of course you can always install the latest software for whatever OS you please from the website.

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  • Seppe
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    From the manual:

    The standard Live license allows you to use Live on only one computer at a time. However, the Ableton server will provide you with two authorizations in good faith that you will use Live on only one machine at a time.
    You can therefore run Live on both a studio desktop computer and a tour laptop, but not at the same time.

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  • ShelLuser
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    The question has already been answered but I'd like to comment anyway by saying that Ableton is very easy and lenient when it comes to authorization issues. As David already suggested: "When in doubt, contact support".

    Its almost certain that they'll come up with a solution, even if it is a specific one.

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  • alanevil
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    So if I just go ahead on my new machine after copying the library I can get a second authorization for it and then just install the latest version and update it?

    AND after I uninstall Live from the old machine could I get a second active authorization for a future, mythical, and mostly imaginary laptop?


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