Buying new MacbookPro Processor vs Ram.

Hello, i want to buy a new macbook pro md101 (i5 processor and 4gb ram and  upgrade to 8 or 16Gb Ram later) after saving money for almost 2years. I'm having doubts if i'll purchase the i7 processor but surely, it will take a really long time that macbook non retina version might be not a good option anymore.

 i'm using a windows laptop now and I am very limited on my instruments, when I have 15 tracks with envelops & audio effects my CPU usage becomes very high and lags.

I want to take my music production to the next level so I really want to invest on a very reliable laptop. I read a alot of discussions about Live on Mac and I'am convinced enough that I want to use one too.

I want to do intruments with many layers, audio recording for project and live performance, looping, midi controller, dj-ing with live, and arrange music for games and film scoring. 


I just want to ask, if having an i5 processor and 16/8gb RAM is good enough for ableton with many tracks, probably 30 above with effects, reverbs. 

Is Processor is much important than Ram in Live?

To any macbook i5 processor users out there, I would like to hear your comments.


jett.ilagan 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • jotalink
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    Upgrading to ssd would be a better option rather than upgrading ram

    3 years ago | 0 comments
  • Stromkraft
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    The processor is more important and I'd recommend to get as many cores you can afford. The i7 in the Macbook Pro models is 4 cores. The i5 in MacBooks is only 2.

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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