Best setup for live looping of guitar and midi instruments with foot controller

Hi. I've read several articles on how people do this but have not really found a way that works for me.

Ideally I'd like to be able to set a clip recording for 1, 2 or 4 bars (for example) using my Launchpad S, then stop the track recording with a foot pedal at the correct time, before moving on to record the next clip, either guitar or a midi instrument each time (and vocals too).

I have a pedal plugged in to my Axiom 49, or I could use my NI guitar Rig Kontrol 3 as a generic controller.

I tried queuing the clips to record using my launchpad S, which is fine. I came up with the idea to use the pedal to stop ALL clips recording (so it would always get the armed channel) but there does not seem to be a way of doing that (one that I can find anyway - you can do it from the Launchpad in mixer mode).

Does anyone have any experience they could share with me? Thanks in advance,



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  • gilsy
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    I'm using KMI SoftStep... I'm at the beginning of the learning curve, but, very pleased at the moment !

    There is a demo on the KMI web site.


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    Check out this setup:

    I've found it to be the simplest to use.  You map a pedal, on your foot controller, to the track launch trigger.  This is the play button that appears near the bottom of the vertical track when you hit command M.  In the same row, on the master track, you'll see midi map options for scene selection.  Map an up and a down pedal.  Now you can select your scene and then trigger as many tracks as you have pedals available.  If there is a clip recorded, then the pedal launches that clip.  If not, then it'll record.  It makes sense when you toy with it and will likely lead you to a configuration that works even better for you.  The downside is that you'll quickly run out of pedals.  Trying to make one pedal do too much makes it difficult to nail on the fly.

    Please post back with what you learn as I'd be very interested in alternate setups


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  • CitrusTree
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    Thanks very much for your reply. I saw that article before and had not considered it since it was not quite working the way I would like it to, but having said that I've not been able to work out how to do it the way I would like to do it. And actually, I reckon your way will probably end up with the same result I'm after anyway!

    I've upgraded to suite and am going to look at what Max has to offer. I'm a programmer, so I'm not scared of getting my hands dirty trying to work out how to write something to make this easier - if it's possible, and if I can get my head round the object model :0)

    If I put something together I'll post it up!

    Thanks again.

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