Beat Repeat w/ Akai MPD26

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I want to do this: Ableton with my Akai MPD26.  The closest I have been able to come is by using multiple "Beat Repeat" plugins and assigning the "Repeat" button to different pads on the MPD26.  The problem is that I have to hit the pad once to turn the "Repeat" on and again to turn "Repeat" off.  I want to be able to trigger the repeat only while holding the pads down.  Can anyone please tell me how to do this?   I already have the pads set to MTY.  Thank you.


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  • deejayollie
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    Has anyone found an answer for this yet?  I've done the same exact thing by setting my MPD26 Pad to Momentary but still acts like a Toggle!?!



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  • Aaron Zilch
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    Here is a video on my Momentary effects technique that will work with any controller. I'll be posting a follow up soon which will cover more details on applying it to Beat Repeats and some tips to get the smoothest results.

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  • solarmoon
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